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QuickBooks® Online
Unlock Your Bookkeeping Potential

Questiva Consultants is proud to announce a new line of QBO Training Textbooks

QuickBooks® Online Complete & Fundamentals Textbooks

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Concept & Curriculum

- Original concept created by Doug Sleeter – a pioneer in the accounting industry

- Meticulously molded into a feature-rich textbook for the cloud-based QuickBooks® Online

- Authored by Alicia Katz Pollock – one of Intuit’s most popular trainers

Essential Fundamentals:

- Rigorous demonstration of features with nearly 400 pages of real-life examples

- Vivid full-color screen shots for each step to make the learning experience stimulating and fun

- Broad foundation to use QuickBooks® Online, and book-keeping fundamentals

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Empirical - Hands On Exercises

- Packed with hands-on, step-by-step exercises to enable you to work directly in QuickBooks® Online

- Learn the accounting behind the scenes and best practices

- Acquire competency in real-world book-keeping software for external (non-academic) certifications

Experiential – Real World Examples:

- Complimentary QuickBooks® Online software subscription and practice exercises included

- Instructors will receive a student management portal from Intuit education

- Instructors will receive extensive & easy-to-use Instructor’s Manual from Questiva Consultants

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